What Is The Advantages Of Purposive Sampling?


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There are many advantages of carrying out purposive sampling. The people who have been selected for the sampling have been selected with a particular purpose already in mind. Some of the advantages involved in this type of sampling include:
•Those people who are unsuitable for the sampling study or who do not fit the bill have already been eliminated, so only the most suitable candidates remain.
•As the most appropriate people for the study have been selected, this process becomes a lot less time consuming.
•With fewer time constraints and a more accurate subject, the costs for carrying out the sampling project are greatly reduced.
•The results of purposeful sampling are usually expected to be more accurate than those achieved with an alternative form of sampling.
•If you are looking for a very rare or much sought after group of people for a particular research study, using purposive sampling may usually be the only way you can track them down.

Quite often market researchers use this type of sampling in order to target a particular group of people. Basing their results on what this group has said, their findings will then be used as a representation of the rest of the population. Deciding in advance what group to target based on the types of results a company is expecting to find will help them save costs and get the job done as soon as possible.
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Purposive sampling is defined as a method with a purpose, where you want to have access to a particular subset of people, and not just random people from the streets. It includes people of interest and excludes those that do not fulfill the conditions in mind. For example, you are looking to get opinions from house-husbands, and you will go around a district knocking on doors during the weekends, and asking to speak to the husbands, and asking them whether they do most of the housework or not.

The advantages of purposive sampling is limitless. You can eliminate candidates that is out of the equation from the survey, and include those that fit the bill. It is pretty accurate and has a solid systematical approach that would quickly lead to the main targets in no time at all. Finally, the costs incurred would be greatly reduced, less resources needed to find the specified targets.
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Purposive sampling is done when the sample is selected by keeping a certain purpose in mind and you try to include certain individuals into the study. Its advantages are:

  • The people who do not fit the requirements are eliminated

  • The sample is an accurate or near to accurate representation of the population.

  • The results are expected to be more accurate

  • It is less time consuming

  • It is less expensive as it involves lesser search costs
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how reliable is this tecnique

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