What Is The Purpose Of The Alveoli?


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Alveoli are basically tiny air sacs present in the lungs. The purpose of the Alveoli is exchange of oxygen and carbondioxide. Alveoli is responsible for the distribution of the air close enough to blood in order to allow a gas exchange to take place there.
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Alveoli is basically a hollow cavity that is found in the lungs. They are branches of the respiratory bronchioles in the respiratory system which are responsible for gas exchange.

There are approximately 150 million Alveoli in a human lung. It has an epithelial layer and is surrounded by capillaries. The carbon dioxide from the entire body is brought to these alveolus and subsequently, the oxygen in these alveolus is taken by the blood vessels. Thus, the exchange of gases takes place and blood with oxygen gets to all parts of the body.
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Gaseous exchange takes place here ,the alveoli are surrounded by capillaries carrying deoxygenated blood. Oxygen in the alveoli is highly concentrated, while carbon dioxide in the blood is low about 4%. Diffusion which is the process by which the process by which substances move from a highly concentrated region to a lowly concentrated region takes place . Oxygen therefore moves from the alveoli to the blood, while carbon moves to the lungs, which is then exhaled.
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There are more than 600 million of these tiny cup-like sacs opening on bronchioles. Capillaries in their walls absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide and water.
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They are small and there is 600 000 000 of them
they are responsible for gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide)
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Alveoli are thin walled sacs. There are millions of alveoli at the ends of the bronchioles and this is where the gas exchange takes place. The alveolus is surrounded by capillaries. Each alveolus look like a bunch of grapes on a stem. Carbon dioxide diffuses into the alveolus and oygen diffuses out of it into the capillaries and binds with the red blood cells. The oxygenated blood returns to the heart to be pumped to the rest of the body. This whole process is called gas exchange.
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Lt was over ten years since l had the class but alveoli is inside your lungs and that is what transfers oxygen into your blood stream.

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