What Difference Does It Make To The Environment If I Drive 60 Mph Rather Than 70 Mph?


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Driving at 70mph uses about 15% more fuel than driving at 60 mph.

Most cars run at their most efficient -- in terms of miles per gallon -- when they are running comfortably in 5th gear.  The way American cars are manufactured that's about 50-55 mph.  The way European cars are geared, that ideal point is about 60 mph.

You usually know when you're out of the ideal comfort zone for 5th gear by the RPM passing above 2500, and the engine making a racket.

Below or above these optimal speeds, the car is using more fuel per mile (and thus producing more carbon dioxide). But that's not an excuse to do 55 in a 40 zone, either!

Read more about the "Go Slow" movement here.

Most of us drive as fast as we can get away with just to get where we're going.  Our first reaction might be to think that going 60 on a dual carriageway would just add too much time to most journeys.  But would it?  Over a two hour journey driving 60 and not 70 would only add 20 minutes, which isn't a heck of a lot extra, is it?

And over an 10 mile journey on dual carriageway, driving 60 / not 70 would only add about 1.5 minutes to the journey -- which is nothing at all, truly.
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Yeah, driving faster to add a minute is not worth it, especially considering that we lose it at the intersection stoplight anyway! Also, multiply the efficiency by all the cars on the freeway and see how much fuel we could conserve if we all slowed down.
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It could be compared to pouring a glass of water on a forest fire! I know you want to do something, but my studies say if you stopped ALL fossil fuel use at the snap of the fingers it would take 50 years to see the effect. And I'm very sorry to say there is a lot more than fossil fuels involved here. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The poles only moved yards for a long time, and now they move miles EVERY YEAR! The North Pole is melting FAST! The carioles effect of tornadoes is backward in parts of New Hampshire, and this is the only place in the Northern Hemisphere that happens!

There is a heck of a lot more needed than slowing down little, Cruz! Sorry!
Or it's much too late to shut the gate after then cattle already got out!
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More florocarbons are emitted thus impacting our world negatively.

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