Who Invented The First Parachute?


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The ancient civilisations were interested in parachutes. There is record of the Chinese Emperor Shun using straw hats tied together to facilitate his escape from a burning tower. This may or may not be true. The story of a robber trying to evade capture has a ring of truth to it.
There is an account of a Chinese robber, something of a celebrity in his own right, who was trying to escape capture from the great Arab merchants' mosque in Canton, 1180 AD. He had in his possession the leg of a golden cockerel, the mosques greatest treasure.
Forced up to a high minaret with his loot, his only way to avoid capture was to jump. He did this holding two handleless umbrellas. He wrote: "After I jumped into the air the high wind kept them fully open, making them like wings for me, and so I reached the ground without injury.
For the earliest actual parachute an unknown Italian engineer's notebook of 1480 shows a conical parachute. This pre-dates the Leonardo da Vinci pyramid-shaped parachute of 1485.
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Officially the credit for a first practical parachute to be invented goes to Sebastian Lenormand who demonstrated a working parachute in the year 1783. However it is said that the parachute was sketched and planned on centuries before inventors could actually start working on it. The first sketches of the sign of parachute came from Leonardo Da Vinci. It is also said that in the year 852 an Andalusian Arab daredevil who went by the name of Armen Firman jumped from this tower which was located in Cordoba in Spain, he planned to fly on loose cloak stiffened with wooden struts, however the only thing that happened was that the cloak acted like a parachute and slowed his fall and he only attained minor injuries. According to Joseph Needham, in china there were working parachutes since the early beginning of the 12th century.
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The first parachute was invented by christina weiswasser in 1940.she was on a plane and the plane was about to crash so she made a parachute to get down to the ground. That's how the parachute was invented.
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Da vinci
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Louis Lenormand - The French inventor of the Parachute who took his invention and jumped from a tall building in Montpellier in France, to demonstrate its use.

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