What Is The Connection Between Habit And Moral Character?


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Habit and moral character are intimately interconnected and often intertwined with no distinguishing line. Habits in general may be deemed of two types: those which are either skills or arts, and the more important 'moral habits', thought of as habits of conduct. In this context Aristotle's emphasis on habit become increasingly relevant to discussions of moral development. Moral virtue in effect comes about as a product of habit.

He lays emphasis how crucial moral "habituation" is right from an early age. It is important if people are to develop to later become moral individuals. Habits can be looked upon as moral dispositions.

The progression of development of a person's character in addition moral virtues also need to posses mental, emotional, as well as physical elements, just like the process of habit-formation
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A mentor once told me, "thoughts affect actions, actions affect habits, habits affect character... So if you want to change who you are, change how you think."    I think your habits will drive you to change your character accordingly.  If you have a gambling habit, this might lead to a money-borrowing habit, a lying habit, a flakiness habit, etc.  When these habits persist, they show to everyone, and it becomes who you are known as (i.e., character)    Tying in what my mentor said, whether this character is moral or immoral depends on whether your thoughts, actions, and habits are.
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That would depend on your age and where you were born/raised at(what region)...what some consider bad manners/habits can be taken as high praise in some countries...ever hear that burping after eating shows the cook their food was out of this world(paraphrasing)...or eating with your fingers is the only way to eat barbecue ribs...I consider it a bad habit to eat something with a fork and spoon you would not eat even if you were paid 50 dollars to do it(on a bet) like eating something gross and calling it a fancy name like snails/escargot...ewww bluahhh! I would say bad habits are in the eye of the beholder(the opinion of a person who has bad moral character/judges others)
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Habits are what you do character is who you are

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