Who Invented The Electric Scooter?


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I'm assuming that when you're referring to the "electric scooter", you probably mean the mobility scooter.  

In which case, the electric scooter was invented by Alan R. Thieme.

The history of the electric scooter

  • The first electric scooter was invented by Alan R. Thieme in 1968.
  • One of Alan Thieme's family members has multiple sclerosis, which made it difficult for them to get out and about.  Alan decided to crease a device to assist them.
  • Alan's device was initially termed a power operated vehicle, and consisted of a front wheel drive scooter that was powered by an electric motor.
  • The power operated vehicle could travel at around 3 to 4 miles per hour.
  • Alan's invention was a great success, so he decided to produce more of his electric scooters.  Sales weren't too impressive at first, but began to increase rapidly as more and more people tried his electric scooter.
  • The shopping basket you see on the front of many of today's electric scooters were also invented by Alan Thieme.
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The electric scooter with seat was invented by Alan R. Thieme. I am very grateful to this man, and I think that for the dozen fun and joy that he gave our family he needs to erect a monument. This is just a great feeling when you ride on a similar unit, check more here. I advise everyone to feel it at least once in their life

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Good answers. Yes, it is true. Alan R. Thieme is right answer. By the way nowadays there are so many cool models, and some of them are really affordable to buy. I have Ujet electric scooter, works perfect, highly recommend this model! More about this and other variants you can read on 4Pro smart devices  site.

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