When Was The Electric Kettle Invented?


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Electric kettles were developed by the British because they love to drink tea. It is not possible to attribute an invention totally to one person as many people add value to it and same is the case with the electric kettle. The first ever electric kettle was made by Crompton and Co. In 1891 but it was very inefficient and expensive to operate. Then in 1922, Swan improved it by introducing faster boiling methods. Up till 1945, the kettles used to be very huge but after that the trend changed and people wanted to see sleeker kettles. However, in 1946, Russell Hobbs was the one who developed a completely automatic kettle and the plastic jug was introduced in the 1970s.
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The electric kettle was first thought of and brought to Arthur Leslie Large to invent.. And so he did and it was made in 1922 and how I know that.. Don't ask

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