What Are The Advantages Of Living In Glasgow City Centre?


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Glasgow is a thriving metropolitan city, and one of the most requested holiday destinations in Europe. Glasgow has a population of only six hundred thousand, but is anticipated to grow rapidly over the next few years. This is partly due to the massive regeneration of the Clyde side area of the city. This includes luxury apartments and new media headquarters for the BBC and SMG TV.

The advantages of living in the city centre are:

* Second best shopping city in the UK
* Very reliable public transport, a city centre underground system and extensive bus network.
* It has a fantastic choice of restaurants
* There are an abundance of venues for music concerts
* There are a number of theatres providing a wide variety of entertainment
* For £700 in London you can get a bedsit shoebox... in Glasgow you can get a luxurious, fully furnished, brand new, river view apartment.
* There are few enough people to feel local and just enough to remain anonymous.

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