When Is The Best Time To Plant Corn?


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The most ideal time to plant corn is in the early spring. It is a warm season crop that grows in early-season, mid-season and late-season in a number of varieties. Most people assume that early-season and mid-season is the best time to grow corn despite the late-season, which grows corn with more flavour.

Sweet corn can be grown in a small section in your garden; there are some preparation techniques you can follow to get the best out of your corn. Firstly you will need to use a spade to dig a space of around six in long. Keep in mind that when it reaches early spring you should prepare your soil, and sandy soil is beneficial for growing early-ripening crop. Corn flourishes in a loose and rich soil, although it can also prosper in soil that has been well drained. You should test your soil because the best pH for growth is between 6.0 and 6.5.

Moreover, you will want to test the temperature of the soil because it will affect the growth of your corn. The ideal temperatures should be between 15.5 and 32.2 degrees C (60 and 90 degrees F). You can test this by using a soil thermometer, but you must remember to plant your corn two weeks after the latest frost date in your area.

When you get to the stage to plant your corn you should insert the corn kernels into the soil 1 in deep in heavy soils and 2 in deep in sandy soils. You should place the kernels around 1 ft of space between each other and other plants in your garden. In addition, to ensure that they pollinate you should plant them in four short rows.
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The best time to plant corn is  in the summer  or spring  becouse the winter  will frost the corn and it wont be good and you wont be able to eat it  corn is a good sourse  of good thangs for you
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Corn is usually planted in the spring and is available throughout the year. Corn is cultivated all around the world mainly in China, Brazil, South Africa and many other more countries. The production of corn totally depends upon the temperature and soil quality. Corn is also most popularly known as maize. Corn is a short form of the word 'Indian corn'. Some corns have the capacity to grow till 23 feet. Sweet corn is also one of the many different varieties of corn. Some of them are popcorn, pod corn, flint corn and waxy corn. United States of America produces the maximum corn in year of about 280 million metric tones. Corn has many nutrient values and is consumed as a health food all over the world.
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When is the best time or the schedule in planting corn
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If you are just planting a small garden..I would plant it now..I guess depends ahere you live also..I am in ontario canada and it should be in the ground is may 14 2009...happy gardening

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