What Are Differences Between Plants And Algae?


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The major difference between plants and algae is that plants have connective tissues for the transportation of water in the entire plant body while every cell of algae absorbs water from the source on its own. There is no connective tissue is algae. Secondly, the reproduction system of plants is more developed while that of algae is primitive. Thirdly, algae can be single-celled while plants are multicellular organisms. Another area of difference between plants and algae is photo respiration. Moreover, it is argued by the scientists that algae and plants may share the same ancestor but algae cannot be classified as plants.
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Algae are plants. Plantae is a kingdom. However, you are most likely asking for the differences between algae and vascular plants. Algae are aquatic plants. They only grow under water. Vascular plants grow only on land. Algae do not have conductive tissues (vascular system), true roots or leaves. The vascular plants have all three of the before mentioned characteristics. These are the main differences.who ever typed up the above answer was wrong. Algae are NOT plants they are Protists. Protista is a kingdom. Most plants are multicellular where as green algae can be unicellular, colonial, filamentous, and/or multicellular. Also most plants grow on land where as most green algae are aquatic.Algae are NOT plants...Algae are actually Protists, which are eukaryotic organism, that cannot be classified as a plant, fungi or animal. A great many live submerged in water, some actually grow on soil and even on the surface of snow.
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1:one lives on land one lives in water.
2:one vascular one non vascular.
3:one has true leaves,roots,stems and one does not.
4:one has a developed reproduction system and one doesn't.
5:one is multicellular and one is unicellular.

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