What Do You Do When A Tsunami Comes?


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Usually the authorities warn you in prior about the occurrence of tsunami and they also make arrangement to lift you out of the area where tsunami is expected to come. But sometimes it happens that it comes without realising in prior by the authorities and if that is the case you want to know about, some general precautions can certainly be suggested.

The first thing you should do is to run as fast as possible to be distant from the coastal area so that the effect of tsunami is less on you. The other thing that I can suggest you is that when you find that water is close to you, just grab something that you find is strong and tie yourself with the help of a rope or any cloth with strong fabric. If you apply these methods, you are expected that you will be able to save your life.
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Run for your life to higher grounds
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Hey what came you do if a tsunamis comes??? It is for school and I don't  no? HELP ME!

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