How Long Does Unemployment Appeal Take?


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The length of time that it will take to get unemployment appeal approved depends on quite a few things. This will depend on what area you are in. This is because some areas have more people processing the appeals and other places have less. Also the unemployment rate in your area will be a factor; areas with lower unemployment will have people approving the appeal quicker than in a high unemployment area. This is because they will have a different number of appeals to process per person.

Another factor is how long it takes them to check the appeal. If you have detailed information in the appeal, in theory, this should be quicker as they should have less to check through. Or at least they will have all of the information available to them.

When you applied, you should have been given an approximate length of time for your appeal to be processed and seen. This may be with any written confirmation of your appeal. If you do not have this information, you can always call the office that is dealing with your appeal and they should be able to tell you how far along the process it is.

In some places an appeal can take up to a month and you will need to be patient. Some information needs to be gathered about your unemployment and they will have to source this from your old employer and tax records. How long this takes them to find will also influence how long the unemployment appeal will take.

The best thing for you to do is wait but if you have not had a letter or phone call in three to four weeks, you can try calling them to find out what is holding up your unemployment appeal.
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I had my appeal on feb 4th 2010 my ex employer didn't show up but the judge made me cry I read that if the other party is a no show I win is this true or false edie
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That is false. They don"t have to show up. You will receive decision in mail from judge. So will employer. They have week to ten days to make decision good luck
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Most times it takes 3-4 weeks but all unemployment offices (all states) are now busy as hell..could take a while longer.

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