When Does The Fertilized Egg Show Up On Ultrasound?


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A fertilized egg can show on an ultrasound as early as five weeks into a pregnancy.

It initially shows as a very small sac inside the wall of the uterus. A due date for the birth can be given at this time, but the chances of this date being entirely correct are very slim, it would simply be an estimation based on the size and appearance of the baby.

Ultrasounds can also be used to determine the sex of the baby, as well as the condition of the baby and whether or not there are likely to be any complications or abnormalities. An ultrasound to determine these factors is usually best taken at between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy. An ultrasound given at this stage of pregnancy is called a foetal anatomy survey.

Ultrasounds can be performed in two ways, abdominally or vaginally. It is always best for the woman to have a full bladder when receiving an ultrasound, as both the baby and the uterus are more visible with a full bladder. If a woman is to have a vaginal ultrasound, which is rare, then this is normally carried out earlier in a pregnancy, and simply involves a probe being inserted into the vagina.

The more common form of ultrasound, performed abdominally, simply involves a probe that sends high frequency sound waves into the body and returns them as electrical signals. A cold gel is normally applied, and this assists with the appearance of the baby on the monitor. Ultrasounds are said to have very little risk attached to them and it is thought that the benefits (knowing the sex of the baby, and also the condition of the baby) make the test worthwhile.
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Fertilized eggs can show up on ultrasound as early as 2 to 3 weeks after the last menstrual period. An ultrasound test can detect pregnancy as quicker than a urine test, and is more accurate concerned to the result. Four to 5 weeks after the last period experienced by a woman who is pregnant, a sac forms in the uterus. This sac looks like a ball which is about 8 mm long and is the brain of the new baby which is then called the embryo.

Through ultrasound, after the first 6 weeks, the embryo can be seen moving and at the end of 7 weeks, the heart beat of the embryo can be detected through ultrasound. Ultrasound is safe during pregnancy and is most commonly used to determine the date of the delivery of the baby.

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