Can An Egg Be Fertilized But Not Implanted?


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Fertilization of egg and implantation are two different events. Fertilization takes place within 24 hours after ovulation. Egg after ovulation comes in the fallopian tube where sperms can already be present or can come after ovulation depending upon time of intercourse. Fertilization does not means completion of pregnancy. After fertilization, egg travels down towards uterus and reach their after 7-10 days. Here it attached with linings of uterus and implantation takes place.

If uterus is not properly prepared then fertilized egg can not implant and abortion takes place. In this condition, woman don't know that she was pregnant. Sometimes, fertilized egg implant but can not stay there long because of hormonal deficiency and abortion takes place. In this situation, women also don't know that she was pregnant.

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