Where Did Man Originate From Scientifically?


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Scientists believed that they had discovered that all human originated in parts of East Africa, because it was only that the early primates appear to have evolved into early anthropoids. Admittedly, that have also been various primate finds in Asia, some of which are even older than the African specimens. But the Asian representatives do not appear to have evolved any further. Recently, however, younger fossils have been found in the areas of Pakistan that are only about 30 million to 23 million years old, and which, in contrast to previous discoveries, could have evolved toward anthropoids.

It is not a scientifically known fact as to where exactly man originated from. Scientist use the bones and artefacts to try to determine which specimens are the oldest in the world. Many scientists agree that the oldest in the world are from East Africa; however, other scientists will argue that they are from Asia. So, the answer is not 100% true as of yet. There are only speculations as to where man originated from.
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We came from the sea and evolved into what we are now over millions of years. There is no GOD a man did die on a cross but was no messiah he probably had a mental disease.

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