How Many Pounds Of Dirt Equals One Cubic Yard Of Dirt?


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It depends on what kind of dirt you are thinking of. If it is earth that is dry loam, you will need 2106 pounds to a cubic yard.  If it is moist, you will need 2430 pounds, but if it is wet, you will need 2700 pounds. As you can see there is a huge difference of nearly 600 pounds between the dry earth and the wet. There are other variations to consider, too. If the earth that you choose is dense, like clay, it will weigh 3375 pounds to fill that space; if it is soft, loose mud then that reduces the amount to 2916 pounds, but if it is packed, like compost is, then you will need 2565 pounds of it.

The rule of thumb is that the more water content there is in the earth, then the heavier it is going to be.

Basically, there are six different types of soil: Clay, sandy, loamy, chalky, silty and peaty. Clay soil will be lumpy and sticky when it is wet, but when it dries out it goes rock hard. It is really heavy to cultivate and has poor drainage. If you manage to improve the drainage in clay soil, you will find that your plants will grow well because it has more nutrients than other soils.

Sandy soil is the complete opposite; it drains really well, but that can lead to nutrients being washed away. It is often called a hungry soil for this reason. You can tell if your soil is sandy because it is gritty to the touch and warms up really quickly.

The best soil that you can have is loamy soil. It is easy to cultivate, drains well and carries lots of nutrients.

Chalky soil has a high pH level and is usually full of stones. This makes it easy to drain but you will find that you have to add fertiliser because it lacks some essential minerals.

Silty soil feels smooth and soapy. Even though it drains well, it retains moisture and is more fertile than sandy soil. It can be a good soil if it is looked after properly.

The final soil " peaty, has few nutrients because it inhibits decomposition. It will retain moisture, but makes a great soil if fertiliser is added.
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1 Cubic Yard of Dirt:
Earth, loam, dry, excavated - 2106 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, moist, excavated - 2430 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, wet, excavated - 2700 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, dense - 3375 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, soft loose mud - 2916 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, packed - 2565 pounds/cubic yard
Earth, Fullers, raw - 1134 pounds/cubic yard

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