Which Countries Use The Mixed Economic System?


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A mixed economy is one that has elements of both communism and capitalism. Many people argue that most countries use a mixed economic system as true capitalism or communism has never really existed - most countries that claim to run on one system will have at least some parts of the other. Countries in the developed world using a mixed economic system are those like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan.

It is argued that without government influence, a country would fall into chaos and anarchy, so there must always be some sort of public influence in the market. It is also argued that without private companies, economies would fail. This is the basis for the argument that all economies must be mixed. With this in mind, there are obviously those that are more one than they are the other.

  • China is a country that declares itself to be communist. Whilst many will say it is a mixed economy, it has more communist elements than it has capitalist.

  • The United States of America is a country that claims to be capitalist. Again, it is probably more capitalist than China, but it has some communist elements too.
Cuba and the US are the two most given examples of mixed economies. Despite the fact that they both claim to use entirely different economic systems, they are similar in the sense that they both use mixed economies.
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Name of those countries which now in mixed economic system
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Mixed economic system countries
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India is an example of mixed economy and is practicing it right from its independence.

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America is not a mixed economy! They are strictly a market economy because they provide what the people want! Whatever the buyer wants the producer gives!
Canada is a mixed economy because it offers both socialism and capitalism! So it has a mix between a command economy and a market economy.
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The definition of mixed economy remains somewhat subjective. Both the US and Cuba have been referred to as mixed economies as all economies are to some extent or another mixed. Pure capitalism and pure communism have never and most likely can never exists. The world's developed nations are the most common examples of mixed economies. The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, etc... Are all examples of mixed economies. Examples in the developing world include Mexico, Slovenia, South Africa, etc...
India is also a mixed economy where public private partnership co exists
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Clearly you know nothing The United States is not a mixed economy its a market economy check your info before you post anthing so people don't get wrong information........... Or don't post at all i think it would be better for everyone if you didn't post anything :)

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