How Do You Adjust A Walking Stick?


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Adjustment of walking sticks varies in accordance with the brand used. Simply follow the instructions given. For instance you have walking sticks where setting up the precise height of stick can be varied by the holes meant for height adjustment which are provided on either side. In certain cases you simply have to apply some pressure to these spring pins positioned on the top section of your stick, turn this section slightly, then adjust to the desired height and again turn the section back so as to lock the pin in the suitable hole.

You also have folding walking stick with different levels in height adjustment. Some come with ranges of adjustable height with a specific push button sure-lock mechanism. They usually have shaft telescopes such than you can pack the walking sticks or adjust to terrain and height. Some anti-shock varieties are also available.

Some shops offer custom walking sticks such that the stick is actually customized with whatever symbols and items are truly of importance to you. Such walking sticks make a great gift option.

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