With Which Of The Motivation Theories Do You Agree Most?


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Personally, I agree with the Motivation Theory called as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs". This theory is one of the most well known theories of the world.

The Maslow's theory divides the human needs and wants into 5 levels which are:

- Physiological Needs: Includes basic necessities of life such as food, air, water etc.
- Security and Safety Needs: Includes getting a home, medical insurance, job security, finances etc.
- Social Needs: To be part of the society, make friends, belong and recognized by your family.
- Esteem Needs: The need to feel very important which includes self-respect, reputation, recognition etc.
- Self -Actualization Needs: The need to do more than ordinary. The need for wisdom, truth, justice etc.
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Maslow's hierarchy of needs bases its focus on humen mehaviour and also what motivates them to want to achieve, do you think this theory would still apply, i a child was born in a family that has achieved all those levels? This theory does not consider factors that causes motivation.

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