How Big Do Beagles Get?


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The term 'beagle' is used to describe a breed of dog that belongs to the hound group. In terms of appearance it looks like a foxhound but it is a bit smaller and the legs also are a bit short. When it comes to the size of the dog, you can find it in the range of around thirteen inches to sixteen inches. This size range is recognized by the authorities in the United Kingdom, but in America they made the range around thirteen inches to fifteen inches.

If you are intending to have this dog as your pet, you should not delay as the dog is considered as a loyal one. These dogs are also in love with exercise so if you keep them with you, they also help you with your exercise routine.
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Beagles are medium size. If you are 11 years old and is 1m 50inch tall then where ur knee is thats how tall they are. They are lovely pets and good for a lovely family. The male beagle however is bigger then the female and that is a fact. I got a male and a female beagle and my male is 15 cm taller then the female.
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Not very big,just around 10-12 inches tall.
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Beagles get about 12 to 16 depending on where they are from ,they are a little bigger in the UK  13-16 (United Kingdom)
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It depends on what kind of beagle you have see I have an AKC registered beagle and she is 13" and she is a regular sized beagles and I also have another AKC registered smaller beagle not a minature beagles but she is about 10 1/2 "
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Why are some beagles longer than others & how would I know how my beagle will look when his full grown.

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