What Year Was The Internet Invented?


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The Internet was invented in 1973 by Vinton Gray Cerf. Cerf, who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States on June 23, 1943, is an American computer scientist who played a key managerial and technical role in the invention of the Internet. He also created the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP), which are extensively used as Internet protocols the world over nowadays. Cerf established the Internet Society (ISOC) in 1992.

Cerf was an alumnus of the prestigious Stanford University and the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and worked for the IBM Corporation. On September 8, 2005, Google Inc. announced the official appointment of Vinton Cerf as its vice-president and chief Internet evangelist. It is believed that the phrase 'to surf the Internet', which means to log on to the Internet and look up various websites, was coined after Vinton Cerf himself sent the first data over the Internet.
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The internet is used to describe the network of several computers throughout the world. The history of the internet dates back to the 1950s and 60s, we were not aware of it since it was part of the US Defense System.

The internet was invented by the US Department of Defense in the year 1969 as a means of communication if it was attacked by Russia. The agency who actually implemented this project funded by the US Department of Defense is called ARPAnet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks. ARPAnet created the TCP/IP communications standard. It defines the transfer of data on the Internet today.

Many of us think that the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) mean the same thing. In fact, they mean two different things. The World Wide Web is an information system that links data from several internet servers under one set of protocols called HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Tim Berners-Lee an Englishman invented the WWW in Switzerland in 1989.
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The internet was invented in 1973 by vinton gray cerf
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As I know, the history of the internet dates back to the 1950s, and that's the time when the idea of the internet started to form. Of course, it wasn't anything like what we got used to nowadays, and at that time, there were no SEO Services Cork to promote websites or any popular companies to even develop them, so it wasn't anything similar to today's internet.

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The Internet actually had its beginnings way back in the 1950s when the space race with Russia was on. With all of the work going on, there needed to be some way to communicate with scientists and engineers in other locations so the work could be shared and double-checked.
Several government engineers came up with the brand-new idea of packet switching, where the information to be exchanged between two computers is broken into "packets", which are then sent along the network and reassembled on the receiving computer. The first data exchange occurred between UCLA and the Stanford Research Center in October of 1969.
Up until 1992, the Internet was located at educational institutions and government facilities. It was called ARPANET, an acronym for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. In 1992 the government began leaving the administration of this large network, and allowed commercial entities to offer access to the general public. At that point the Internet, as we generally refer to it today, was born.
Keep in mind that during the first few years this was not actually known as the Internet in the commercial world. In fact, very few people even knew it existed. Graphical interfaces, where you click on an icon, didn’t exist. To connect to the Internet you typed the address of the host computer into yours, and after it connected, you continued typing command lines to retrieve the data you needed.
The "soul" of the Internet – the idea that it is open and available to all – has remained true even though access to it has become commercialized. But everyone has access available through schools, public libraries, and other institutions, so there truly is access for all.
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I guess it was 1950...
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The Internet started in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite, beating the United States into space. The powers behind the American military at the time became highly alarmed as this meant that the USSR could theoretically launch bombs into space, and then drop them anywhere on earth. In 1958 the concerns of people in the US military triggered the creation of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
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Well, the internet was created by a group working for the company DARPA in the United States in the year 1969

The internet's next generation was "Arpanet" and is widely heralded and critically acclaimed as the first computer network for exchanging of data. The first Arpanet (or the Internet) connection outside the United States went to the company NORSAR situated in Norway in the year 1973.
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There are several different answers to this question. You could say that the internet started in the early 19th century with the invention of the telegram. Some people say it really started in the 50s and 60s when the computer was first invented. The term "Internet" was first used in 1982 with the standardization of the Internet Protocol Suite. The internet, and access control systems, were commercialized in 1995.
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Al gore invented the internet in the 1950s but the first data exchange didnt happen until 1969 between ucla and the stanford reaserch center
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The internet was invented in 1957 when the first Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union.

The launch of Sputnik urged the USA to come up with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) which was later renamed to Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) in the year 1958 to obtain technological lead. It was called the ARPANET.

These networks broadcast data through packet switching via the standard IP (Internet Protocol). Internet is said to be a "Network of Networks" that comprises of millions of smaller house hold, educational, business and governmental networks.

The internet basically is a set of interconnected computer networks. These networks are connected to each other through copper wires, fiber-optic cables, wireless connections etc. The web in general is a compilation of organized documents, which are linked through hyperlinks and URLs.
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You are all wrong! Internet was open to the public in 1982, and the government of  the US and Russia opened the internet at different times around the 1960's
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It was invented on 1969/by united states.. I gather this info from a site...wi9th this info I would like to give an another one which I found last week...this is regarding internet speed testreach here to find your internet

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