How Are Light And Sound Related?


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Light is a wave which has electric and magnetic vibrations where as sound is a disturbance or vibration which is propagated through a mechanical or longitudinal wave. We can say that both light and sound are wave with some similar characteristic features like frequency, speed and wavelength. Wavelength of light which is visible to human eye is called visible light. And wavelength of sound which is audible to human ear is audible sound. Light is electromagnetic radiation where in the electric and magnetic components in space with different frequencies oscillating towards each other.

Some types of electromagnetic radiations which differ in wave length are radio waves, X-ray, ultraviolet-radiation etc. Sound is also differentiated based on the frequency and wavelength of the sound waves. Sound travels through air and has low or high frequency. Not all low and high frequency vibrations are audible to human ear.
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Light and sound are both in waveforms. Light is an energy, sound is also an energy. Light and sound have both but different frequencies. But the difference is, the waveforms of each are different, sound can have a distorted waves, depending of what king of sound is propagated in a medium. Light is a constant waveform, with constant speed.
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They both are made with energy

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