How Many Square Miles Is Turkey?


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Turkey formally known as the Republic of Turkey basically is a Eurasian country which extends from the Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asia and the Balkan district of south-eastern Europe.

Turkey shares its borders with Bulgaria towards the northwest, Greece towards the west, Georgia towards the northeast, Armenia, Iran and the Nakhichevan towards the east and Iraq and Syria towards the southeast. Turkey is a secular country which was founded in the year 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Ankara was selected as the capital of the country.

According to the census conducted in the year 2000, the total area of this region was estimated to be 302,535 square miles. The census report of 2000 also stated that the total population of this region was 67,803,927, having an average population density of 240 per square mile.
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