What does the flag of Syria look like?


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The current flag of Syria has 3 horizontal stripes, the colors of which are red, white and black.

However, recent political turmoil means that the country may see another flag very soon and, in fact, Syria is a country which has a rather complicated history when it comes to its flag:

The history of the Syrian flag

At the moment (in February 2013), the Syrian flag is best described as two green five-pointed stars at the center of a white stripe, flanked by a red and black stripe.

This flag was re-adopted in 1980, in an attempt to show Arab unity.

  • Until 1920, Syria had a flag that represented the "Kingdom of Syria'. It was replaced by the flag of the French Mandate until 1922.
  • Syria then flew the flag of the Syrian Federation and State for 10 years (which featured the French flag in the top left corner).
  • The next 4 decades saw a succession of 4 different flags, until the country merged with Egypt to form an Arab Republic.
In 1980, the country reverted to the flag pictured above - although the unrest in Syria that began in 2011 has seen a political opposition united under the flag of the Syrian Republic that was last flown in 1963. 

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