How Big Is A California King Bed?


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A California King bed would measure about 72 inches in breadth and a total of 84 inches in length (that is, roughly 1.85 m by 2.15 m). You find these measurements being the norm for all king size available on the popular West Coast of the U.S. Thus it is occasionally called West Coast King or WC King.    Among most mattress dimensions you can obtain these days, this one has the greatest length, thus making it perfect for tall people. The Width Per Person is a comfortable 36 inches. A California king is nice and roomy for couples. Just remember that California King would be a large mattress and thus possibly problematic to cart around narrow stairs or your rooms. Also, apart form this west coast area it could be tough getting your hands on appropriate size sheets.    Visit for details.
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I have one and the measurements and the sheets for it is about 72 x84 inches...the best to you

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