How Many People Live In California?


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California has a population of nearly thirty three million eight hundred and seventy thousand people making it the most populous state in the Union. But California is very attractive to those seeking jobs, education, a better life, a future in Hollywood et all and hence it attracts a large number of immigrants from other states and from across the border. These figures are based on figures available from the year 2000 and hence the population has undoubtedly increased in this time. The state has an area that covers four hundred and ten thousand square kilometers and this has definitely remained the same. Perhaps, God Forbid! Global warming might change that as well. The Capital of the state is Sacramento but Los Angeles is by far the biggest city.
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The census conducted in the year 2000, approximate population of the U.S. State of California is 33,871,648. According the 2005 census, there are an estimated 36,132,147 people residing in California. Out of which 10.7 per cent of the population is above 65 years of age. 35.2 per cent is of Hispanic population 12.2 per cent of Asian population. There are approximately 12,989,254 housing units.    In the year of 2002, California retails sales reached 359,120,365($1000). In 2002, there were 217.2 people per square mile and 29.9 per cent women-owned firms out of 2,908,758 number of firms in that year. The land area of California as of 2000 is 155,959 square miles.
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According to the ca state website 35,893,799
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3,870,000 in the date 2010
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There is some people in California who has a little girl or boy coming out soon so they will count as a child so I THINK 40,0000000

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