What Is The Master Organ Of The Body?


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An organ is a structure of the body that carries out a specific function. Examples of organs include the heart, the lungs, the eye and the ear.

The cells and tissues in an organ all work together and contribute a role to the overall function of the organ itself. The heart consists of muscle tissue, connective tissue, blood and nervous tissue. These all work together to form a living pump. The nervous tissue controls the speed and strength at which the pump works, the fluid connective tissue, the blood, is the liquid that is pumped, the muscle forms the structure of the heart chambers and the strength to contract and pump the blood and the connective tissue holds everything together.

The eye also contains the various different types of tissue. The optic nerve is formed from nervous tissue, the iris contains muscular tissue and the blood vessels, eye ball and capsule around the lens is formed from epithelial tissue. The whole eye is held together by the stiff white structure called the sclera ~ which is almost all connective tissue.
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Lungs, heart, ear, skin
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The master organ in the human body is the (brain)

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Well there are several vital organs to keep someone alive not to mention that they all do a specific job and work together, If any one vital organ was missing then it would be very bad or most likely deadly.

Another opinion would be that knowledge is power
and power is possessed by the master.

I don't know if this truly answered your question given that these are all my opinions and not actual facts. But I did my best

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