In Which Organ Of The Body Is The Cerebrum Found?


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The cerebrum, as many people refer to it, is actually technically called the 'telencephalon', which is the name for a large region within the brain.

The telencephalon is composed of the following sub-regions:

Limbic system
Cerebral cortex
Basal ganglia
Olfactory bulb

The telencephalon lies on top of the brainstem and is the largest, most well-developed of the five major divisions of the brain. It is the newest structure in the phylogenetic sense, with mammals having the largest, most well-developed among all species.

The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain. It contains white matter and grey matter. Language and speech are mainly associated with parts of the cerebral cortex. The cerebrum attributes motor function to the body.

A rather large portion of the cerebrum in most mammals is the olfactory bulb, which is on the underside of the anterior-most portion of the brain. This part of the brain in humans is relatively smaller. If the olfactory bulb is damaged then it can result in a loss of the sense of smell.

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