Why Is Forensic Anthropology Important?


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Forensic anthropology is essentially the use of biological anthropology in a legal setting.

It's important because it helps us to solve crimes, and to identify bodies that have decomposed.

What Is Forensic Anthropology Used For?
  • Determining the age, gender and ancestry of a dead body
  • Finding out how someone died
  • Finding out when someone died (when used in combination with other types of forensic science)
  • Collecting the evidence needed to convict somebody of murder
What Is Forensic Anthropology? Forensic anthropology is a type of science used by the police to investigate how people have died.

It is most useful when a body has reached the advanced stages of decomposition, and consists of osteology (the study of bones), paleopathology (the study of ancient diseases), and archaeology (the study of past human activity).

Biological anthropology - which is the same thing, except without the legal part - has been used to find out about the ancient pharaohs and queens of Egypt.
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Forensic anthropology can help solve crimes, especially when all that is left is skeletal remains.
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Many crimes are solved with the help of forensic anthropology.
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Because it helps when only the skeleton remains.

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