How Many Neutrons Are Present In The Nucleus Of A Phosphorus Atom?


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Phosphorus is a chemical element and its symbol is P. Phosphorus is a non-metal and present in 'p' block of periodic table. Phosphorus is present in 15th group and 3rd period of the periodic table. The atomic number of phosphorus atom is 15 and its atomic mass is 31. The number of neutrons present in a phosphorus atom is equal to the difference in atomic mass and atomic number.

Atomic mass = 31

Atomic number = 15

Number of neutrons = atomic mass - atomic number

Number of neutron = 31 - 15 = 16

There are fifteen electrons present in one atom of phosphorus. The electrons present per shell of phosphorus atom are 2, 8, 5. The electronic configuration of phosphorus atom is 3s2 3p3.
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The correct answer is 16. Phosphorus is found naturally as only phosphorus 31 which has 15 protons and 16 neutrons in the nucleus.
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31P is stable with 16 neutrons.
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actually, it depends on the isotope. Generally the answer is 15 neutrons.
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