What Creatures Live In The Trees And Waterways Of The Amazon Jungle?


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By far the greatest concentration of fauna lives in the trees. Screams and raucous screeches identify worlds of parrots, macaws, toucans and multitudinous other known and little-known kinds of birds. Add to this the chattering of parakeets, the coos and warbles of doves, whippoorwills and the like, as well as the rat-tat-tat din of the woodpecker, and you begin to sense the busy world above you. Several kinds of quaint-faced, loose-membered monkeys swing nimbly from limb to limb, chattering and scolding. Circling high above the treetops, alert vultures await a meal. Their voracious appetites keep the area clean of decaying flesh.
Here and there are pools with giant lily pads hiding bright, tropical fish. Everywhere there are little streams of brownish, leaf-dyed water. Eventually everything flows to the Amazon, the highway of the jungle.

In the waters of the Amazon jungle, there are stingrays, electric eels, caimans, turtles and the sharp-toothed piraƱas that may strip an animal of its flesh in just a few minutes of seething activity.

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