What Is A Lintel And Where Is It Used?


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Lintel in architecture refers to a horizontal beam that is supported by columns or pillars at both ends. It is one of the simplest designs in architecture and is seen in existence even in ancient times. This form of design of structure is referred to as Post and lintel, accurately speaking. A very common form of this style of architecture is Stonehenge where slabs of rock are supported at both ends by other erect standing rocks. This concept is seen used in modern housing in the construction of window and door frames.

The post and lintel design was very popular in ancient times with the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Iranians, Chinese and Indians incorporating into their designs. The two physical forces that are acting on a structure built in this way are tension and compression.
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The word 'lintel' has its origin in Latin and meant 'on a border'. It is taken from the word 'limes' or 'līmit' which means boundary. It was modified as 'limitaris' which means 'of a threshhold'. It was inspired from the Latin word 'līmen' which meant threshold. Later, it was altered by the Old French as 'lintier'. Then, lintier was adapted by Middle English as 'lyntel'.

Lintol is a British word for 'lintel'. Lintel is a horizontal structure, like a beam, that is generally constructed or placed between two erect pillars or columns. Lintel could mean a support or a bolster. It forms a part of a frame and is usually a piece of door or window frames.

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