What is organic chemistry and its uses?


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Organic chemistry is one of many sub-disciplines of chemistry. It is the basic study of life and involves scientific studies of the properties, structures, compositions, preparation and reactions of compounds based on carbon and hydrocarbons, as well as compounds or substances derived from them.

Organic Compounds

Organic compounds form the basis for just about every life process on the planet, with only a few rare exceptions. They have a great structural diversity and their range of application is vast. Organic compounds either form the basis or are vital components of many manufactured products, such as paints, drugs, plastics, food, petro-chemicals and explosives, for instance.

Physical Properties of Interest (PPI)

The PPI of organic compounds of typical interest to researchers include both their qualitative and quantitative features. Qualitative properties include color, smell, solubility and consistency, while quantitative properties involve boiling and melting points and their index of refraction.

The Importance of Organic Chemistry

This chemistry sub-discipline is important because it provides answers within the study of life and chemical reactions related to life. Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chemists and pharmacologists all use and apply their knowledge and understanding of organic chemistry in their efforts to understand, diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries etc.

Chemical engineers apply their understanding of organic chemistry to the development of common household and industrial chemicals, foods, plastics, fuels, drugs, etc. The list is really quite endless, as carbon based compounds do permeate life in every possible area, way, shape and form.

The Role of Organic Chemists

Organic chemists are usually involved in laboratory research and development work. Projects or research conducted may be aimed at developing a new drug to kill pain, developing non-toxic fly spray, formulating a face cream that really does stop wrinkles or finding a way to fuel cars without polluting the environment.

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