How Big Is The UK In Kilometres?


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The total area of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is 244,822 square kilometres or 94,526 square miles and is the 79th biggest country in the world where total area is concerned. However, 1.34 per cent of the total area is water. The UK is bound by the Atlantic Ocean but also has other water bodies around its boundary such as the North Sea, The English Channel, Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea. The Channel Tunnel connects the United Kingdom with the European Country of France.

The United Kingdom comprises of four countries including Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. It is a constitutional monarchy presently ruled by Queen Elizabeth the second who is also the Head of State. The Queen is not only the head of UK but also many other commonwealth Realms including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica.
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1.760 km
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Its not too big , but not too small aswell
as comprise of four
northern ireland

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