How Big Should My Master Bedroom Be?


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Its simple, your master bedroom can be as big as you want it to be. It really doesn't matter what is regarded to be a large master bedroom or a small master bedroom. It simply matters that you have all the space you need and maybe a little extra, just in case.

Most commonly, master bedrooms measure around 14 feet into 14 feet. This size however, is regarded to be on the larger side. A master bedroom of 340 square feet should also be a comfortable option. It all depends on what you need really, for example, the basic amenities like a (king size!!) bed, a dresser, a drawer chest, a night stand etc. However the only thumb rule which I am aware of it, the bigger your master bedroom is the more its going to cost you.
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I've googled exactly the same thing and found the following answer.  The master  needs to be at least 70 square feet and at least 7′ in each direction (meaning a 7′ x 10′ room) in order to fit everything.
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2 cm by 4milimeters

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