How Big Should My Waist Be?


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The last post was correct but it should never be bigger than half your height. So if you are 60 inches, it shouldn't be bigger than 30 inches, etc.
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However big you want it to be honey! You and only have a say when it comes to how big or small you body should be. The key is to attain a body structure with which you are comfortable, not something which others consider as ideal. It has been highly popularised that women having a figure of 36-24-36 are those with the ideal figure type, however personally I think that is all bull.

The only consideration you should have is whether your waistline is in proportion to your body frame. If it is, then I do not think you need to make any changes, unless you really want to. One word of caution, to achieve that so called perfect waist, you can go on balanced diet regime supplemented by a good fitness regime.

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