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Islamabad is the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan got its independence in 1947. In the beginning , Karachi was the capital of Pakistan but after few years capital was shifted to Islamabad.
Islamabad is city with highest literacy rate in Pakistan. It is not only one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan but also counted in a list of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

At the time of independence Islamabad was not a developed city. It was later developed with the intent of giving it a capital status. Rawalpindi is the neighbor city of Islamabad. Both these cities are termed twin cities.

The plantation and greenery of Islamabad makes it beautiful. One slight disadvantage is the pollen allergy problem in the city. There are specific types of trees in the city that cause this allergy. It causes irritation to many people during its peak time.

Summer season in Islamabad is very nice. The temperature does not rise too much in Islamabad. During winters, it gets very cold and temperatures drop to 0 degrees normally.

It is surrounded by hills on 2 sides. The nearest hilly station is Murree. Many people from different parts of the country stay in Islamabad on their way to Murree during the summer season.
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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is very beautiful city. All of the government offices are located in the Islamabad. There are about three hundred mosques in the Islamabad. There are many good universities in Islamabad like COMSATS University, BAHRIA University, and Quaid-e-Azam University, National University of Science and Technology and lot of more good universities. So in Islamabad there are many parks and places for recreation.

One of the famous park is Jinnah Park f-9 and Ayub Park. These are good places for the recreation. Islamabad is beautiful city and it is full of greenery and trees. There is big water dam in the Islamabad that is Rawal dam it is very large dam and it is build by the government and it supplies water to the areas near to it almost most of the areas get water from Rawal dam. It also contains fish many people come here for fishing. There is a good place near from Islamabad that is Murree. Murree is a hill station and it is very cool place. Many people go to Murree for picnic. Every year many people come there to see snow fall. So Islamabad is very good city. People of Islamabad are also very good.
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Capital of Pakistan.

Population ~ 550,000 residents, and fast-growing (like rest of Pakistani population).

Established in 1959 to replace the former capital (Karachi, still main commercial centre).  Karachi population ~ 10 Million persons.

Why the capital was moved from Karachi to Islamabad is telling.  Islamabad was just a small village prior to 1959, although with several ancient towns nearby.  General Mohammad Ayub Khan, who assumed power in 1958, wanted a new capital that was safer from attack from India, AND that would better represent Pakistan. Rather than the sprawling, chaotic Karachi with many evident social inequaltiies and multi-culturalism, on the coast, the General aspired to build a new, sophisticated, organised and beautiful capital city far inland, in the highlands of Pakistan.  Building the capital here would also bring new infrastructure and investment to the country's otherwise under-developed interior heartlands.

Islamabad is laid out in sectors named by letter and number (e.g., before, E6, etc.).  Islamabad benefits from a relatively pleasant local climate, and an abundance of wildlife in nearby countryside.  Crime rates are said to be soaring, though, as the population increases.

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