How Does An Etch-A-Sketch Work?


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An Etch-a-sketch is a classic toy that was invented in France by Arthur Granjean. The Ohio Art Company purchased the rights tot he toy in 1959 and it was introduced to the American public on July 12, 1960.

In an Etch-a-sketch, the reverse side of the glass screen is a compartment filled with a mixture of powdered aluminium and plastic beads. The knob controls on the front of the toy are connected to a hidden metal stylus that causes straight perpendicular lines to appear in the grey particles on the screen. Curved or diagonal lines are also possible, but it takes coordinated, simultaneous movements of the two knobs. When one wants to clear the Etch-a-sketch screen, shake it and lines will disappear as the powder becomes redistributed again. This is basically how an Etch-a-sketch works. It is enjoyed by children all over the world today.

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