How Does An Engineer's Vice Work?


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An engineering vice is a bench mounted tool for holding material to facilitate operations, like cutting, filing and drilling. It is generally used for metals and it has specially hardened jaws which can be opened or closed by means of a threaded shaft operated by a lever. A wood working vice is similar in operation but has wooden jaws so as not to mark the workpiece.
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An engineering vice is mainly used for holding irregularly and unusually shaped objects. They hold these work objects with the help of their specially designed jaws. They have a slide design which makes it easy for a person using the tool to work with it.

Engineering vice is a perfect tool for fitting and filling objects which are difficult to hold in place otherwise. The jaws and the main screw are the two most important parts of this tool. The ideal jaw in an engineering vice should be about 6 inches wide. The object is placed between the jaws and the main screw is used to tighten it up so that the person using the tool can work with the object. Some vices also have a hammer attached to them as an extra feature.

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