How Hot Weather Cause Bowel Or Intestinal Problems?


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When summer starts and hot goes to high degree, it causes disease. The main thing is you have to take care of the fluids you had and it mostly cause dehydration. More water stops the constipation, dry skin and lips and even goes to stomach cramp. While exercising, walking out side or just enjoying out side and there is a heat so one have to use more water and if can not drink water have to use sports drinks.

But one has to drink some portion of water with those sporty drinks. One has to take care of not drinking high super cold water, when you are out, one can have just cool water in order to low his thirst. In hot weather, staying away from alcohol and caffeine is better because it causes more dehydration as more sugary drinks cause.

In hot weather the air is too dryer and it doesn't mean that if you didn't go out, you didn't need hydrated. As too my best option and experience I can provide it as best advice for you, about these problems to keep your self protected. And also in this weather food doses not digest well so one has to take light food for better health.

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