How Can I Dispose Of Knives Safely?


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Knives and other sharp objects should not be disposed of in the same way as other types of wastes. They should not be dumped into bins that are not specifically meant for them. These items should be dumped or disposed of in approved or designated containers meant for these items.
It may also prove useful to add a covering in the form of masking tape or card paper to the sharp blade of the knife. Beating the blade of the knife in order to make it blunt can also take away some of the danger associated away with disposing it. Knives that come as part of knife set embedded in a block of wood should be taped in place before disposal. You can contact your local county office to check with their guidelines related to disposal of knives and other sharp objects.
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What are they made of you maybe able to sell them to the recycle...the best to you

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