Why Is The Volga River Called Mother Volga?


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The Volga River is located in the area of Western Russia. It is the longest river in Europe. The Volga River is the main waterway to Western Russia. The river rises in the Valdai Hills which are located in the northwest of Moscow. The river flows for around 3,530 kilometers, making it the longest river of Europe. It flows southward and finally empties into the Caspian Sea. Nowadays the Volga River is used for power production, irrigation and transportation. The river is also using for flood control in the territory.

Volga is the mother of Russian civilization. From the early days to the present era, the Volga has had importance in Russian life. The Volga River is the most important factor in the territorial economy. The plain of the Volga is used for agriculture. From the ancient period it has been of great help to the Russian people for transportation. The river has played a significant role in the life of the people. According to Russian folklore the river Volga is typically named 'Mother Volga'.
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Because the russians call it that

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