Where Is The River Tees?


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Tees is situated in Northern England. It originates from the eastern slope of Cross Fell in the Pennies, and flows towards the eastern region for about eighty seven miles to the North Sea, flanked by Hartlepool and Redcar.

In the initial phase of its route it starts to form the frontier between the important counties of Westmorland and Durham. The top portion of the valley is known as Teesdale, it has an isolated grandeur. The hills more than 2500 feet in altitude at some points, consist of bleak moorland. A series of fast-moving water, where the river passes through a hard series of black basaltic rocks, is known as "Cauldron Snout". From a point exactly below this to its mouth, the river Tees forms the boundary connecting the well known counties of Durham and Yorkshire.
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The River Tees rises at Tees Head in the North Pennines.

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