What Things Do You Need To Know To Be A Marine Biologist?


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I recommend you relax and do some research on the job, to see if you will thoroughly enjoy it, to be a Marine Biologist, it takes dedication and passion about saltwater plant life, marine animals, bacteria, corals, algae, fish, coastal areas, geographical environment in the water and more.
-TRIPLE SCIENCE (Physics, Chemistry and BIOLOGY)
and PE if you are good at it.
I also recommend you attend marine camps and oceanology camps a good recommendation would be Sea Cadets, search it on google and see if you would be interested.
Hope this answered your question ;)  
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The 'Blue Planet' or our Earth is able to sustain life-forms because of the presence of a unique atmosphere, water and numerous resources to fulfill the needs of every living creature. The name 'Blue Planet' comes from the fact that our planet consists of 71% of water and only 29% of land!

The waters of the surrounding oceans and seas are home to a myriad of life-forms and natural resources. Man has been able to harness those found above and beneath the earth's surface, but has yet to explore the sea-bed. Marine Biology is the study of organisms and material in marine and fresh water environments.

To be a Marine Biologist, you have to be interested in the study of the marine resources. You need to pursue the science stream beyond high school, in college. The science faculty offers Marine Biology as a special subject post-graduation. You need to avail of all information related to the subject and follow the latest developments in the field.

You should also attempt identifying and attending Oceanography work-shops. These work-shops are designed to make available information on Marine Biology and also enable you to take part in conservation programs. Most importantly, you need to identify the sphere of work you intend to take up on qualifying as a Marine Biologist and the kind of organization you intend to be a part of.
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Math and science
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You have to have a degree in biolgy and you got to know how to treat and handle animals

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