What Is The Purpose Behind Studying Ecology?


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Ecology is a science that deals with the relationship between living organisms and the environment in which they survive. The purpose of studying ecology is nonetheless very simple – it helps one to gain perspicacity about the conservation of national resources, which, in turn, is one of the most crucial issues in the contemporary arena. Moreover it helps a person understand the level of interdependence that each one of us have over each other, making the scope of ecology widespread and protean.

In the pure literary sense, the word ecology is derived from the Greek word oikos that is taken in the comprehension of a house. The field of ecology is so wide and vast that it was only logical to divide the general subject area into specific subject segments that are inclusive of environmental types, relationships existing between plants and certain organisms, game conservation, over cultivation, overpopulation and hundreds of other branches.
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The purposes of studying ecology are several reasons : Firstly we live in a polluting world, then ecology is a kind of protecting human being, animals and plants out of pollution in order to be in nature, so there are many organic things since then.

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