How Will You Explain Ecology And Communities In The Ecosytem?


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Ecology:the study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment
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Ecology is the science which deals with the relationship among living things and their environment. Ecology includes all the biological process and what are the basic needs of plants and animals and what is effect of animal and plants do have on environment. The group of community which is dependent upon each other of a particular habitat, or we can say environment is known as natural environment. if that living society is living with the non living environment like our climate then they make a system known as Eco system.
There are two main branches of ecology.

One is known as plant ecology and the other one is animal ecology. As we know, that all living thing are basically made up of protoplasm which consist of different cells, then cell further divide up into tissues and then tissues into organ and organ further transformed into organism. The organisms which are of the same species normally live on the same place and they form community. The largest ecosystem is our entire world on which we all are living. there are basically two types of communities in the system one who are independent .They form large communities .the other one is minor communities which are dependent on the large communities.
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