What Is The Relationship Between Taproots And Fibrous Roots?


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Do taproots store food for the plant
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One of the important parts of a plant is the root. It is the first 'show' of growth and anchors the plant to the soil in which it is embedded. Another important function of the root is that it absorbs water and essential nutrients with the help of its 'branches'.

This helps the plant to grow healthy. The roots also store vital food reserves and make them available to the plant in certain conditions. There are different types of roots. They are identified by their function and appearance.

Tap roots are the primary roots that grow thick and fleshy. They store water and essential nutrients absorbed from the soil and make them available to the plant later. The primary or tap roots may or may not have lateral roots or branches. The fibrous roots are adventitious roots that are originated from the shoots to become a totally new root system. This process takes place before the radicle dies.

A fibrous root thus generated grows into another main root system. This central root system performs functions similar to that of a tap root. The relationship between taproot and fibrous roots lies in the function they perform. While the tap root is the initial central root that helps the sapling to grow into a healthy plant, the fibrous root enables the plant to survive despite adverse environmental conditions.
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Tap root is the primary root and fibrous roots are the secondary roots formed from the tap root
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System are not the same

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