What Is The Structure Of Stomach?


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The stomach is like a sack where there is a tube - incoming - that allows food in, and once processes and broken down with enzymes, makes it liquid so it can pass through another tube to be sent to intentines for digestion.  Check greys anatomy book, or the web on human parts and their functions
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The stomach is the most dilatable portion of the alimentary canal. It lies mainly in the epigastric region of the abdomen, and partly in the left hypochondriac and umbilical region. It consists of an upper part, the fundus, the main body, and a lower horizontal part, the pyloric antrum. It communicates with the oesophagus by means of the cardiac orifice or cardia and with the duodenum by the pyloric orifice. The stomach lies below the diaphragm, in front of the pancreas, and the spleen lies against the left side of the fundus.

The stomach consists of four coats:
1. The outer peritoneal coat, which is a serous covering.
2. A muscular coat, which is in three layers,
a. longitudinal fibres, which lie superficially and are continuous with the muscle of the oesophagus,
b. circular fibres, which are thickest at the pylorus where they form the sphincter muscle, and lie beneath the first layer, and
c. Oblique fibres, which are found chiefly at the fundus of the stomach and pass from the cardiac orifice and sweep downwards over the lesser curvature.

3. A sub – mucous coat of areolar tissue contains the blood vessels and lymphatics.
4. A mucous coat, the inner membrane, is thick and soft, and is arranges in corrugated fold, rugae, which disappear when the organ is distended by food.
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