What Is Meant By The Term Latent Heat?


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FARAN NASIR answered
Heat some ice in a beaker and go on noting its temperature after every minute. Suppose the temperature of ice was -10 Degree Centigrade. The temperature after reaching at 0 Degree stop rising and stays constant till the whole ice is melted to water. After the ice has changed to water, the temperature again starts rising till it reaches up to 100 Degree Centigrade where the water begins to boil. Again the temperature remains constant till all water changes to gaseous state or steam.

When water was boiling the temperature remains constant even though during the change of state and heat is being supplied continuously. The heat absorbed during this part overcomes the attractive force among the atoms of ice. This increases the amplitude of vibratory motion motion of the molecules causing decrease in the force of attraction between the molecules. Reduced force of attraction and increased distance between the molecules causes the matter to change its state from solid to liquid. It can be shortly defined as the quantity of heat which converts one kilogram of a solid to liquid state without the change in its temperature is called the Latent Heat of fusion. Latent heat of fusion of ice is 336000 joules per kilogram.
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Janet McDonald answered
Think of latent heat as "hidden" heat. It is the heat absorbed by or given off by a substance in order to change from one physical state to another, as from solid to liquid.

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