Who Invented The Lawn Mower?


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The Lawn Mower or Lawnmower as it is also known was invented in 1827 by Edwin Beard Budding. The Lawn Mower is a tool for gardening by which a rotating blade or blades cuts grass to a specified and unified length. Budding invented the Lawn Mower for the purpose of cutting the grass on sports fields primarily. Before that, a scythe has been used. When Budding and his backer Ferrabee put in the patent application, they even suggested it has the benefits of being an amusing form of exercise for the gentleman.

Mr James Sumner invented the first steam powered lawn mover, which worked on kerosene.

There are now over many different types of mowers, including the rotary mower, the reel or cylinder mower, the sit on and drive mower, hover mowers, pull mowers, even robotic mowers that cut the grass by themselves, sensing the edge of the grass borders and avoiding anything that it shouldn't mow. There are also HUGE professional machines that can mow vast tracks of grass at once.
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,bob he was tired of using scissors so he put a rotating blades on metal in which he pushed on the lawn to cut the grass I think.
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No, I believe it was a Frenchman Pierre Moedelawn

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